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Service; A Good Way to Improve the World: Drug Policy Reform.. 1

Easily donating to help decriminalize entheogens. 1

Drug policy reform charities. 3


Service; A Good Way to Improve the World: Drug Policy Reform

>>We can moan and cringe, complain and opt out of the struggle; or we can face the challenge and using all the powers and potentials invested in humanity. We have to make that choice - assuming that one can even see it as a choice. But the alternative to not going for it and grabbing hold of it all in both hope and optimism is a choice which is no choice. I have not seen it written that this world of humanity has to succeed. Neither have I seen it written that it cannot succeed. Why miss out on a possible success by doing nothing other than moaning, complaining and weeping into ones beer? If you want a decent world then go make it. Nothing is stopping you, and the equipment for the job is already there within you.

>>...Every human being alive on earth today can each help just a little in making this world a little better for tomorrow. Ask yourself. is the world a little better place to be because you existed in it and did your bit? That is the one and only judgement which stands head and shoulders above all the others which you have to make on a daily basis. If you do not help to make a better world then why should the others? But you can try, even if they don't eh. And you will sleep well, live well, and die well.

>>And how could man die better,

than facing fearful odds,

for the future of his children,

and all the other sods?

The construct "for the children" is too often misused to support evil, racist, self-serving prohibition-for-profit.  The children can all jump off a cliff -- *people* is what matters, regardless of age.  Down with "the children", or "for the children" -- an artificial weapon of abuse -- and up with people instead; with humanity.  If you *actually* care about children, or people, stop the phony drug war scam.  Complete decriminalization of psychoactives will reveal much of the really big picture.

Helping improve the world isn't difficult.  You can simply donate money to great causes, including spiritual causes such as drug policy reform:

Rapid-navigation portal for drug policy reform sites -- http://www.reformnav.org

Easily donating to help decriminalize entheogens

If you want to help decriminalize entheogens to make them available for philosophical research, it is easy to help by funding drug policy reform groups.

http://www.reformnav.org -- rapid-navigation portal for drug policy reform sites.  Includes information about easy online payment systems for donations


I proved again the utility of the reformnav portal site.  At the DRCnet site, I was unable to find the recent solicitation from DRCnet and the latest newsletter.  It turns out it is a hidden link on the home page: the graphic "THE WEEK ONLINE, without a border, that looks like decorative text and certainly does not look like a clickable "button" area.  The similar "WHAT'S HOT" graphic on the right is *not* a hyperlinked hotspot.  This demonstrates why there is a need to tell the organizations how to use the Internet more effectively, including more effective Web site design.  It's not clear, but the links along the left side of the home page open the latest newsletter. 

I was able to instantly, brainlessly get to the newsletter through the standardized columns at reformnav.org.  I haven't promoted or refined it, but I consider reformnav.org an essential site, the most powerful URL for easily evaluating reform organizations and donating flexibly to them.

I posted the fundraising solicitation from http://drcnet.org/wol/#wolfundraising below.  I encourage you to consider donating to DRCnet or similar organizations if you want to support drug policy reform.  Reformnav.org is designed to explain more options, such as how to more anonymously donate at any time, without having to sign your name in blood and be associated with the "drug promotion group" as a "member" -- the latter fear may be the #1 mistake the reform organizations make that prevents people from giving them money; I suspect that lots of people would be eager to make spur-of-the-moment, fairly anonymous donations, but run away fast when told that they have to become a "member".

There are more ways to contribute, including standardized and automated ways; see reformnav.org.  For entheogen researchers, the most important charity is drug policy reform organizations.  If you are deciding what kind of charity to support, I recommend supporting drug policy reform organizations.


-----Original Message-----

From: Chris Evans

Sent: Wednesday, April 09, 2003 7:16 AM

Subject: Your DRCNet support

Thank you for discussing support of DRCNet at this crucial time.  We are going to be busy this year building upon the success of the international legalization conference series, and trying to repeal Higher Education Act drug provision, all the while continuing to publish the world's most widely read drug policy newsletter, so please, please follow the link: www.drcnet.org/donate, [ http://drcnet.org ] to help us out at such an important time.

Our organization seems to have finally achieved a criticial mass: we're holding a HEA press conference here in D.C. later this week, and legalization press conference with Canadian senators and members of Congress later this month!  Unfortunately all of this is endangered, if only for a few months, so your support really couldn't come at a better time.

It was very nice speaking with you last tonight, and thanks for taking the time to spread the word about our organization among your philosophy group.  We appreciate it!

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me at either (786) 417-8217 or cevans~at~drcnet.org.

Chris Evans


cevans  at  drcnet  org

(786) 417-8217

(202) 293-8340 (Nat'l office)



1. Week Online Fundraising Update

Thanks to the generous contributions of more 70 DRCNet members, the Week Online has at least four more weeks of life -- nearly $7,000 raised in eight short days!

Please help us complete the Week Online's budget through the middle of the year, when additional grant funding for it may arrive. The Week Online currently costs $1,400 per week, going up soon to $1,600 when we launch our Spanish and Portuguese translations as part of our post-Mérida Latin American outreach campaign. Your donations, large or small, will help us raise the $11-14,000 needed to achieve this goal.

So please visit http://www.drcnet.org/donate/wol.html and make a donation to support the Week Online -- or send your check or money order to DRCNet, P.O. Box 18402, Washington, DC 20036 -- or visit http://www.drcnet.org/donate/monthly.html to sign up for a monthly credit card donation.

$1,400, tax-deductible, will fully fund one issue of The Week Online and all associated costs -- Phil Smith's salary, 20 percent of David Borden's, plus rent, Internet distribution and other overhead -- and a little extra to print it out and mail it to prisoners who've requested it.

$34,000, together with other funds received or likely, will complete The Week Online's budget for all of 2003. $38,000 will let us translate it into Spanish too, or $40,000 will get us Spanish and Portuguese, to reach into all of Latin America, including Brazil.

$100, $50, $25, even $10, if that is what you can afford, times 1,000 contributors -- only one out of every 25 people on this e-mail list -- will add up to make a huge difference. $30 or more entitles you to a choice of free DRCNet gifts!

The Week Online is used by too many drug reform supporters, to empower their own work, to be allowed to go under. Nothing could boost the spirits of our prohibitionist opponents more than seeing the world's leading and most widely-reaching drug reform newsletter cease to publish. But that's what's going to happen without your help. So make a donation to make sure this doesn't happen -- visit http://www.drcnet.org/donate/wol.html to donate today! You can also make a non-deductible donation to support our lobbying work -- visit http://www.drcnet.org/donate/ to make a contribution of either kind.

Donations to the DRCNet Foundation are tax-deductible under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to the Drug Reform Coordination Network would support our lobbying work and are not deductible. We can also accept donations of stock: Our broker is Ameritrade, phone: (800) 669-3900, account number: 772973012, DTC number: 0188. Or send your check or money order to: DRCNet, P.O. Box 18402, Washington, DC 20036.

Thank you in advance for your support.

-- Drug Reform Coordination Network

Drug policy reform charities

>I'd like to know from Bob Wallace, RU Sirius, Earth, Fire, Sasha, and John Parry Barlow, which charities to support.

You can do a lot of investigation efficiently at my site:

http://www.reformnav.org -- rapid-navigation portal for drug policy reform sites

I use Web-based banking to have controllable monthly auto-mailing of checks to various groups.  Some organizations redistribute donations to other organizations.


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