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Ego Death via Block-Universe Idea


Discussion group on block-universe ego death. 1


Discussion group on block-universe ego death

As part of The Cybernetic Theory of Ego Transcendence, I started an Ego Death discussion list.  Covers these subjects insofar as they overlap:

Theory of time, tenseless time

The frozen, preexisting future

Block-universe determinism/fatalism

The entheogenic theory of the origin of religion

Tight versus loose binding of cognitive associations

Entheogens in the mystery religions

The Christ-myth theory

Cracking the code of the mystery-religion allegories

Christian orthodox terminology and theology in terms of the ego-death phenomenon

Cognitive instability during the mystic altered state

Self-control cybernetics

The problem of controlling the will

Reformed theology

The Copenhagenism versus hidden variables debate

Contemporary metaphysics

Philosophy of mind (such as Hofstadter's collection The Mind's I)

I take it for granted that participants are already familiar with these subjects; I focus purely on connecting these areas into a concise theory or world-model.

I have invited a number of theorists from the areas discussed in the group.  The Yahoo discussion group format works well.  You can participate via email and/or Web. (For email, I recommend the plain text/"do not convert" option.)


http://www.egodeath.com -- theory of the ego-death and rebirth experience


James Arthur - entheogenic historian

Clark Heinrich - entheogenic historian

Dan Russell - entheogenic historian

Mark Hoffman - entheogenic historian

Dan Merkur - psychologist

Paul Hollander - philosopher

Hermann Detering - historian of religion

Erik Davis - techno-mystic

David Ulansey - mystery-religion theorist

Acharya S - Christ-myth theorist

Timothy Freke - Christ-myth theorist

Peter Gandy - Christ-myth theorist

Earl Doherty - Christ-myth theorist

George Harvey - Christ-myth theorist

Nathan Oaklander - Time theorist


Home (theory of the ego death and rebirth experience)