Detailed Table of Contents for Integral Spirituality by Ken Wilber

Extracted by Michael Hoffman, Egodeath.com


A Note to the Reader

Introduction: The Integral Approach


An Integral or Comprehensive Map

What Is an Integral Operating System?

States of Consciousness

Stages or Levels of Development

Egocentric, Ethnocentric, and Worldcentric

Lines of Development: I'm Good at Some Things, Not-so-Good at Others

The Integral Psychograph

What Type: Boy or Girl?

Sick Boy, Sick Girl

There's Even Room for Many Bodies

Consciousness and Complexity

And Now: How Do They All Fit Together?

Integral Operating System Apps

Integral Medicine

Integral Business

Relational and Socially Engaged Spirituality

Integral Ecology

Integral Life Practice

Summary and Conclusion

Integral Methodological Pluralism

Hori-Zones of Arising

An Integral Mathematics of Primordial Perspectives

Integral Post-Metaphysics

The Great Traditions Floundered on the Taboo of (Inter)Subjectivity

General Outline of Integral Epistemology

Stages of Consciousness

Hori-Zone 2: The Scientific Study of the Interiors

The Historical (and Continuing) Importance of Structuralism

Other Outside Approaches to the Upper Left

Levels and Lines of Consciousness

Streams and Spirals Everywhere

The Relation of Different Lines to Each Other

James Fowler: Stages of Faith

States of Consciousness

Phenomenology, Felt Experiences, and States of Consciousness

Trained States: Contemplative and Meditative States of Consciousness

And the 64-Thousand-Dollar Question Is

States and Stages

Zones #1 and #2: Zen and Spiral Dynamics

The W-C Lattice

Types of Mysticism and States of Consciousness

Interpretation and the AQAL Matrix

The Sliding Scale of Enlightenment

Zones #1 and #2: Evelyn Underhill and James Fowler

Dark Night

Four Meanings of the Word "Spiritual"

Boomeritis Buddhism


Boomeritis Buddhism

Emptiness and View are Not-Two

What Should I Do If I Am on a Spiritual Path?


The Shadow and the Disowned Self

The Shadow: Dynamically Dissociated 1st-Person Impulses

Shadow-Hugging and Shadow-Boxing

Will the Real Freud Please Stand Up?

Psychodynamic Phenomenology: The Shadow Lurking in Zone #1

History and the Shadow

Healthy Transcendence: I into Me

Unhealthy Transcendence: I into It

Horizontal and Vertical Enlightenment

Meditation and the Shadow

Two Major Contributions of Western Psychology to Spiritual and Transformational Development


The 3-2-1 Process of (Re)Owning the Self before Transcending It

Meditation: Horizontal and Vertical Effects

Framework, Again

The Shadow Knows

Putting It All Together: The 3 S's

A Miracle Called "We"

Gaia and the Web of Life

Entering Zones #3 and #4: The We Is Not a Super-I

The Look and Feel of a We

Semiotics: The Look of a We

Hermeneutics: The Feel of a We

Spirit in 2nd Person

The Postmodern Revolution Is Still Not Seen

The World of the Terribly Obvious

The Right-Hand World

Zone #6: Behaviorism and Empiricism, for Example

Brain States (UR) and Mind States (UL)

Is God Real?

Zone #5: Cognitive Science and Autopoietic Organisms

Neurophenomenology: Bridging Zones #5 and #1

Zone #7: Social Autopoiesis, or, Gaia Does Not Exist

Zone #8: Dynamical Systems Theory and Chaos/Complexity Theory

Monological Imperialism and the Myth of the Given

The Conveyor Belt

Nazis Rule

The Psychograph of Terrorism

The Orange Pressure-Cooker Lid

The Brutal Choice Faced by College Students around the World

The Level/Line Fallacy

The Dignity and Disaster of Modernity

A Brief History of Modernity's LLF

The De-Repression of Spiritual Intelligence

A Natural Resource as Precious as Oil and Gas

Stages of Development Are Stations in Life

Higher Stages, but Also Higher States

The Effects of States on Stages

Summary and Conclusion

Integral Life Practice

A Brief History of ILP

Components of an Integral Life Practice

Integral Professional Training

Integral Spiritual Practice

Where Is Spirit Located?

The AQAL Matrix

From the Great Chain of Being to Postmodernism in 3 Easy Steps


Step 1

The Problem

Suggested Solution

Step 2

The Problem

Suggested Solution

Step 3

The Problem

Suggested Solution

Integral Post-Metaphysics

What Is Post-Metaphysics?

The Sliding Scale of Enlightenment

What Is the Address of an Object in the Kosmos?

Where Is Santa Claus

What God Is Like, What God Is Not, and What God Is

The Meaning Is the Injunction

A Simple Summary

The Beginning of the Post-Metaphysical (or Integral) Age

The Myth of the Given Lives On

The Two Cultures

The Great LH War: The Subjectivists versus the Intersubjectivists

The Winner of the Great LH War

Both Modernism and Postmodernism Rejected Spirituality

A Few Books, at Random

The Psychoactive Framework

On the Way to Integral