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Trip magazine is ending. 1

TRIP issue 9 is now shipping. 1

Trip magazine, issue 10. 2

Microsoft mag: Rat'l Myst'm chap abt psychedelics. 2

Entheos journal #3 shipping. 3


Trip magazine is ending

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From: James Kent

Sent: Monday, December 15, 2003 11:37 AM

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Subject: [tripzine] Trip Magazine, Important News

Hi everyone,

I know this yahoo list is supposed to be cancelled but we are having trouble with our new mailing list server, so we are back to yahoo at least for the time being.

This message is to inform you all that Trip Magazine will no longer be publishing. After years of putting out the best magazine we could and seeing little or no returns from it we have decided to call it quits. With a market as small as the psychedelic community is, the paper & newsstand model is just not working for us, so instead of plunging ourselves into debt we have decided cut the mass publishing portion out of our venture and overhaul our business model to better serve our market.

With that said, we will be printing a very limited run of our LAST official issue of Trip for paid subscribers only. If you are not a paid subscriber you may order an advanced copy of issue 10 from our website now, at http://tripzine.com. If you are a paid subscriber you will be receiving a notice with your last issue giving you various options on how to get credit, a subscription transfer to another publication, or a refund on future issues that have already been paid for. These options will be sorted out in the coming weeks, so instead of inundating us with e-mails please check our website after the first of the year for more details on what to expect.

Shutting down Trip was a difficult decision because we know how much it means to so many people, but once we have sorted through our outstanding obligations to paid subscribers we will be investing some serious time and thought into how we may evolve into the future, and continue to generate the kind of content you have come to enjoy so much while still keeping our bottom line at a reasonable level. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we move into our next phase, and hope to have more pleasant surprises for you in the years to come.

Thanks and best wishes for the holidays,

James Kent


TRIP issue 9 is now shipping

James Kent wrote:

>Trip 9, Spring 2003, will be shipping within the next few days. If you need to update your address or resubscribe, now's the time to do it! We've got a great issue featuring DJ Spooky, Negativland, articles on Psychedelic Activism, and much more. For full details on the contents of our new issue please visit http://tripzine.com.

Trip magazine, issue 10

Trip Ten is in production and due out soon.  It includes:

Interview with the Afro Celts

Hakim Bey on sacramental hemp

Earth Erowid on drug geeks

Erik Davis on "Ricaurtegate"

Mark Pesce on speed

The Bad Shaman on psychoactive insects

The future of brain-computer interfaces

An entheogenic tour of India

A look at the world of blotter art

Reviews, humor, and more.


Microsoft mag: Rat'l Myst'm chap abt psychedelics

Tripping De-Light Fantastic

Are psychedelic drugs good for you?

By John Horgan

Posted Wednesday, May 7, 2003


A year ago, hoping to dispel the postpartum gloom that had gripped me after I finished writing a book, I hiked into a forest near my home and pitched a tent under some pine trees. I spent that day and evening listening to the forest, scribbling in my journal, and thinking—all while under the influence of a psychedelic drug. The next morning I returned to my wife and children feeling better than I had in months.

What I did that day should not be illegal. Adults seeking solace or insight ought to be allowed to consume psychedelics such as LSD, psilocybin, and mescaline. U.S. laws now classify them as Schedule 1 drugs, banned for all purposes because of their health risks. But recent studies have shown that psychedelics—which more than 20 million Americans have ingested—can be harmless and even beneficial when taken under appropriate circumstances.

Citing this research, some scholars and scientists are proposing that the prohibitions against psychedelics—or entheogens, "God engenderers," as believers in their spiritual benefits prefer to call them—should be reconsidered. This legal issue has recently been brought to a head by a religious sect in New Mexico that is suing the United States for the right to drink a hallucinogenic tea called ayahuasca in its ceremonies. A federal court is expected to rule on the potentially momentous case any day now.


From: bruce/mindmedia, http://www.island.org

Sent: Saturday, May 31, 2003 2:59 PM



I enjoy walking a kind of writing tightrope where I begin an essay and write the rest in an installment basis. I wrote one of my favorite essays, Why We Get High that way. Creating a Psychedelic Community and Culture is another of these typed ropes -- but this time I slipped a bit.

I promised that I would complete the essay this month. I have to admit that I had a hard time completing it due to my own personal despair about the movement I am writing about. Hopefully this feeling will pass.

So instead of the essay, I continue my series about my favorite spots on the web. Look for the third installment of Creating a Psychedelic Community and Culture coming up in the June issue of Island Views Electrozine.



Tripping the Light Fantastic


Author John Horgan asks the question

"Are psychedelic drugs good for you?" and while his answer may or may not surprise you, the fact that Slate, the opinion section of MSN allowed this piece to be published did surprise me.

The Searcher http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-


A review of the new biography -- Aldous Huxley: An English Intellectual' by Nicholas Murray. The review makes the book sound inviting.


Documents on Al Hubbard: The Johnny Appleseed of LSD


Trip Magazine http://www.tripzine.com/ I just went out and bought 85 copies of the last four issues of this magazine to send to all Island Foundation Patron and Supporting Members. Put out by James Kent, the former editor of Psychedelic Illuminations, this contains a lot of recent musings on a subject close to my heart.

Entheos journal #3 shipping


This journal continues to give me hope for justifying the maximal-influence theory of the entheogen origin of religions -- that the bottom line is, religions are "really" about entheogen experiencing, despite the massive dominance of non-entheogen assumptions.  Even if the vast majority of practiced religion is something else, some deviance or irrelevant goings-on, the religion that really makes sense and rings true is the entheogenic version. 

Paradigm change requires a sensibility toward evidence and reasoning that is immune to sheer numbers.  If 99 people think religion is about ethics or the supernatural, and 1 person thinks it's about entheogen experiencing mythically encoded, I'd agree with the 1 person.  So a two-level view, a kind of elitism, is helpful.  There is lower and higher religion.  Higher religion is entheogenic religion; non-entheogenic religion is lower religion. 

Putting aside the considerations of the ersatz Prohibition gravy-train, I hold with McKenna that most non-entheogenic approaches to religious experiencing are actually a way of evading religious experiencing -- a safe watered-down and overly domesticated substitute, because of their great inconvenience and unreliability.


Entheos Issue 3: Soma (Part 1 of 2) 



Entheos: The Journal of Psychedelic Spirituality,

Vol. 2, Issue 1, Summer, 2002

A Letter of R.G. Wasson, Easter, 1965

The Mushroom Gods of Ancient India

Clark Heinrich

The Entheogenic Eucharist of Mithras

Mark Hoffman, Carl A.P. Ruck & Blaise Staples

Visit an online gallery of ancillary illustrations (coming soon!)

Download Footnotes in MS Word

Sidebar: Menhirs

Sidebar: Etymological Considerations by H. W. Bailey

Sidebar: Linguistic Interlude by R.G. Wasson

Coda: Under the Same Cap: Attis

Freemasonry and the Survival of the Eucharistic Brotherhoods

Mark Hoffman, Carl A.P. Ruck

Visit The full article online!

Psychointegrators: The Physiological Effects of Entheogens

Michael Winkelman

Two Paintings by J.W.M Turner: An Entheobotanical Interpretation

Vincent Wattiaux

Addendum: Turner’s Vision of Medea

Mark Hoffman and Carl A.P. Ruck

The Lote Tree of the Furthest Boundry: Psychoactive Sacraments in Islamic Gnosis

Alan Piper

In Memoriam: The Spirit of Bob Wallace

Rick Doblin, Maggie Hall, Tom Roberts


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