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Ego death and transcendent knowledge in movies/tv

Matrix 2 alternates between hyperactivity and metaphysical monologues.  I would like a transcription of the metaphysical monologues.

>>I notice that you focus on written materials and song lyrics a great deal.

I believe texts and lyrics are efficient, and movies less efficient.  I don't have an elaborate theory of this.  I assume that the mystery religion rituals were efficient.  Your category of "texts" is misleading -- 'texts' also includes visual art and graphical symbolism.

Moving pictures have some potential, but it's rarely played out.  The Disney movie The Bear shows an amanita trip scene.


Shallow visuals take over too often in portrayals.

Hunter Thompson's Las Vegas film has a second or two of undulating carpet that's interesting.

In Greek banquets, they used neither text nor moving pictures, but pictures on the vessels and music with lyrics.

Movies is one medium I guarantee to leave available for other researchers to fill into the paradigm I'm defining.  I don't like tv or movies -- compared to books.  I enjoy such moving pictures once in a great while.  With books, I always skim and scan -- movies don't give me that freedom, and I have no patience to wait for the good parts.  I am incapable of reading a book from front to back.  I entirely use a random-access skim and scan method, even when I'm committed to reading a particular entire book.

Amazon Egodeath Listmania list of recommended books

My list of recommended books is highly prominent at Amazon.  It comes up surprisingly often when looking through religion or entheogen books.


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Ego Death Books

>Can someone recommend a book list for me to start reading about ego




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Luther Martin's book Hellenistic Religions, which shows that their common core engine, the underlying single religion, was grappling with and relating to cosmic determinism.

As in my biggest Amazon book list, it's best to think of areas.

So you'd like to ... Experience ego death and understand it rationally


Read several of the best books in each of the following areas:

o  Determinism, especially atemporal timeless block-universe determinism rather than too-familiar causal-chain determinism, which is too shot through with egoic ways of thinking.

o  Entheogens, particularly at the start of the major religions, but also during the later developmental phase.

o  Mythic thinking, allegory, double-entendre.  Ruck is admirable for writing about entheogens, integrated into Greek myth -- but he's oblivious to the metaphysics of no-free-will.  He recognizes the means -- visionary plants -- but not the philosophical content or insights about time, space, will, and control which the plants bring.

o  No-historical Jesus, to clear the way for clear mythic decoding.  Doherty's Jesus Puzzle.  The Jesus Mysteries together with Jesus and the Goddess (the authors assert no-free-will and have written respectfully about entheogens).  See the previous posting for more titles.


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