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Book list: Western Esotericism.. 1

Received an influx of gnosis -- Order Gnosis magazine while you can. 1

Gnosis magazine issues may be shredded soon. 2

Alexandria journal contents. 4


Book list: Western Esotericism

New book list created today:

Western Esotericism


Received an influx of gnosis -- Order Gnosis magazine while you can

I quickly received 30 issues of Gnosis from Jay Kinney, completing my 51-issue collection.

He is going to recycle the remaining copies soon -- I'm glad I received my Gnosis.  The magazine is far more readable than most books on the subject.  My library is very competitive for attention; to be read, a work must be nicely packaged and accessible, skimmable and a pleasure to read.

>From: Michael Hoffman

>Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2003 10:32 PM

>Subject: RE: [egodeath] Gnosis magazine issues may be shredded soon

>I recently read my 21 of the 51 issues of Gnosis magazine, from around 1985 to 2000 -- effectively an excellent encyclopedia of esotericism, in highly readable format.  I have to decide whether to spend $200 completing my collection before the magazine issues become unavailable.

>From: Jay Kinney

>Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2003

>To: gnosis_lumen at yahoogroups

>Subject: [gnosis_lumen] GNOSIS Magazine - Important notice



>Dear members of the gnosis_lumen list,


>As you know, this list is used for notices from Gnosis Magazine to those of you who have signed up for this notice list at the Gnosis website.

>"Please send an announcement to the discussion group before recycling Gnosis back issues."

>I am now doing that. Here's the situation...

>So, spread the word. Now is the time... Our website is at: http://www.lumen.org.  Ordering information can be found there.

>Thanks for your help and attention.

>Jay Kinney


>P.O. Box 14820

>San Francisco, CA 94114-0820 USA

>Voicemail: 415-487-0506 (leave your name and number and best time to reach

>you, also your email)

>Fax: 415-552-9054 (earmark for GNOSIS/Jay Kinney)

>email  gnosis at lumen org

Contents of all issues of Gnosis, 1-51:


Here's what the following issues after Spring 1999 were to have covered:

52 - Egypt

53 - Archetypal Psychology

54 - The Rosicrucians

55 - Spiritual Politics

Gnosis magazine issues may be shredded soon


Jan 2003


Jay Kinney wrote:

let me fill you in on where things stand with Gnosis. It is hard to believe that it is now almost 4 years since we had to cease publication. For all this time, I've continued to make back issues available, as a form of continued service to readers. For the last 2-3 years this has been an entirely voluntary gesture on my part, since only enough orders have come in to cover the cost of storage, postage, and website and phone.

However, this situation will be changing some time this year. I am hoping to find some compatible organization to take over our stock of back issues and take order fulfillment off my hands. I need to muster all my energy for other, newer projects. If I am unable to find someone else to take over the back issues, then the remaining copies will finally be recycled.

So, if you, or anyone you know, or your local library, or whomever should still want to order any back issues, NOW is the time. All issues are still $7 apiece or $6 apiece on orders for ten or more, plus shipping. Full sets are $245, plus shipping. For full details please go to http://www.gnosismagazine.com, or if that is too technologically challenging, just email me for further information. But please do not delay. Things could change at any time.

Other news:

I am wrapping up the editing of an anthology of articles (mostly from Gnosis) called The Inner West. It is slated to be published in early 2004 by Tarcher/Putnam.

Richard Smoley, former Gnosis editor, has a new book out from Shambhala called Esoteric Christianity. In fact, he will be appearing at the Bodhi Tree in L.A. this very afternoon for a reading and signing. Further appearances will be in the Bay Area this coming week. It is an excellent book and I highly recommend it.

From time to time, I still receive inquiries as to whether Gnosis will ever be restarted. There is still little or no prospect of a revival. The more time that passes the more I feel that I need to shed the old Gnosis snakeskin and see what new project wants to happen. If anyone receiving this has a lead on decent paying editing or writing work (or something related), do let me know.

Finally, I received the following announcement from James Robinson and Karen-Claire Voss about the revival of the Hermetic Academy. This is an organization of scholars who are interested in esotericism. ...


The Hermetic Academy, a related scholarly organization of the American Academy of Religion, publishes HERMES, a quarterly newsletter dedicated to providing information about what is currently going on in the field of esotericism. ...




Take care,

Jay Kinney

for Gnosis

I recently read my 21 of the 51 issues of Gnosis magazine, from around 1985 to 2000 -- effectively an excellent encyclopedia of esotericism, in highly readable format.  I have to decide whether to spend $200 completing my collection before the magazine issues become unavailable.

-----Original Message-----

From: Jay Kinney

Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2003

To: gnosis_lumen at yahoogroups

Subject: [gnosis_lumen] GNOSIS Magazine - Important notice

Dear members of the gnosis_lumen list,

As you know, this list is used for notices from Gnosis Magazine to those of you who have signed up for this notice list at the Gnosis website.

Recently, a list member [m.h.] emailed me directly and asked:

"Please send an announcement to the discussion group before recycling Gnosis back issues."

I am now doing that. Here's the situation...

As I've mentioned in the past, I've done my best over the past 4 years, since GNOSIS had to cease publication, to continue to make back issues available at a nominal cost to the public.

However, I've also mentioned that at the point that there were no longer sufficient orders coming in to cover the overhead of storing the back issues, I would have to consider sending our remaining stock (still 20,000+ copies) to the recycler.

I am now being forced to seriously consider that option.

Orders in August and September have fallen below the threshold where our costs are being covered. I recently had to have reprints made of 3 out of print back issues, in order to be able to fill orders, but the cost of the reprints alone is more than the amount of money we have in the bank.  To make matters worse, our credit card processing terminal (over 7 years old) went kablooey a couple of days ago and a replacement will run $100. And then there's the $380 every month for storage.

Well, enough of that. This email isn't meant to bore you. It is supposed to alert you that "The End is Near," as they say.

In other words, if you've ever thought about getting any more back issues... do it now!  If you can alert your friends and have them order back issues... do it now!  If you have a local library that should have a complete set, get them to order it now!

Full set orders are especially needed.

If enough people come through, I may be able to postpone the recycling. But if not, recycling is the only practical solution.

(Yes, I know, recycling would be a great tragedy. And people have suggested such things as sending out free full sets to libraries before doing so. But even such notions cost time and money, both of which are in short supply.)

So, spread the word. Now is the time... Our website is at: http://www.lumen.org.  Ordering information can be found there.

Thanks for your help and attention.

Jay Kinney


P.O. Box 14820

San Francisco, CA 94114-0820 USA

Voicemail: 415-487-0506 (leave your name and number and best time to reach you, also your email)

Fax: 415-552-9054 (earmark for GNOSIS/Jay Kinney)

email  gnosis at lumen org

Alexandria journal contents

Alexandria -- The Journal of Western Cosmological Traditions


Issue 1

Introduction -- David R. Fideler

Revisioning the Sacred for Our Time -- Kathleen Raine

The Orphic Mystery: Harmony and Mediation -- Lee Irwin

Hymns of Orpheus: Mutations -- R. C. Hogart

Michael Maier's Alchemical Quadrature of the Circle -- John Michell

The Eternal Feminine: Vladimir Solov'ev's Visions of Sophia -- Kristi A. Groberg

Embodying the Stars: Iamblichus and the Transformation of Platonic Paideia -- Gregory Shaw

Galaxies and Photons -- Dana Wilde

Esotericism Today: The Example of Henry Corbin -- Christopher Bamford

The Waters of Vision and the Gods of Skill -- John Carey

The Path Toward the Grail: The Hermetic Sources and Structure of Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzival -- David  Fideler

The Creation of a Universal System: Saint-Yves d'Alveydre and his Archeometer -- Joscelyn Godwin

Aspects of Ancient Greek Music -- Flora R. Levin

A Plotinian Solution to a Vedantic Problem -- Michael Hornum

"Gnosticism," Ancient and Modern -- Arthur Versluis

Hekate's Iynx: An Ancient Theurgical Tool -- Stephen Ronan


About the Contributors

Issue 2

Introduction: Cosmopolis, or the New Alexandria -- David Fideler

The Museum at Alexandria -- Edward Parsons

A Note on the Muses -- Adam McLean

Bibliotheca Alexandrina: The Revival of the First Universal Library. A Report from UNESCO

Alexandria: Past, Present, and Future -- Eric Mueller

Hypatia of Alexandria: Mathematician, Astronomer, and Philosopher -- Nancy Nietupski

The Life of Hypatia from The Suda -- Jeremiah Reedy (translator)

The Life of Hypatia -- Socrates Scholasticus

The Life of Hypatia -- John, Bishop of Nikiu

Psychedelic Effects and the Eleusinian Mysteries -- Shawn Eyer

The Science and Art of Animating Statues -- David Fideler

The Alchemical Harp of Mechtild of Hackeborn -- Therese Schroeder-Sheker

The Fish Bride -- Jane Thigpen

An Introduction to the Monochord -- Siemen Terpstra

A Note on Ptolemy's Polychord and the Contemporary Relevance of Harmonic Science -- David Fideler

Mysticism and Spiritual Harmonics in Eighteenth-Century England -- Arthur Versluis

Mentalism and the Cosmological Fallacy -- Joscelyn Godwin

Printing, Memory, and the Loss of the Celestial -- Arthur Versluis

Gerhard Dorn's Monarchy of the Ternary in Union Versus the Monomachia of the Dyad in Confusion -- Daniel Willens (translator)

Imago Magia, Virgin Mother of Eternity: Imagination and Phantasy in the Philosophy of Jacob Boehme -- Hugh Urban

The Castle of Heroes: W. B. Yeats' Celtic Mystical Order -- Peter Cawley

The Availability of the One: An Interpretive Essay -- Michael Hornum

The Magic of Romance: The Cultivation of Eros from Sappho to the Troubadours -- Christopher Bamford

Seating Arrangements in Plato's Symposium -- Robin Waterfield

All Religions are One -- William Blake

The Dolphin in Greek Legend and Myth -- Melitta Rabinovitch

Sacred Geography of the Ancient Greeks -- Christine Rhone

The Cosmological Rorschach -- David Fideler

Psalm -- Carolyn North

Orphic Hymn to Artemis -- Shawn Eyer (translator)

Reports from Hyperborea -- John Henry

Book Reviews

Books in Brief -- David Fideler


About the Contributors

Issue 3

Introduction: Education and the Signs of the Times -- David Fideler

Harmony Made Visible -- Michael S. Schneider

The Alchemy of Art -- Arthur Versluis

Ecopsychology in Theory and Practice: A Report on the 1994 Conference -- Melissa Nelson

A Note Against the Aristotelians -- Peter Ramus

The Divine Sophia: Isis, Achamoth, and Ialdabaoth -- Lee Irwin

Ruminations on All and Everything -- Peter Russell

Clement of Alexandria's Letter to Theodore Containing Fragments of a Secret Gospel of Mark

The Strange Case of the Secret Gospel According to Mark: How Morton Smith's Discovery of a Lost Letter of Clement of Alexandria Scandalized Biblical Scholarship -- Shawn Eyer

Knowledge, Reason, and Ethics: A Neoplatonic Perspective -- Michael Hornum

Delphi's Enduring Message: On the Need for Oracular Communications in Psychological Life -- Dianne Skafte

Two Lyrics -- Christopher Reynolds

Lyric on a Renaissance Woodcut -- David Fideler

Anatolius: On the Decad -- Robin Waterfield (translator)

Two Letters of Marsilio Ficino

Proclus's Hymn to the One -- Michael Hornum (translator)

Cosmologies -- Dana Wilde

The Invisible College -- Anthony Rooley

Reviving the Academies of the Muses -- David Fideler

Plato, Athena, and Saint Katherine: The Education of the Philosopher -- Christine Rhone

The School of Wisdom -- Jane Leade

Education in the New World Order: A Trialogue -- Ralph Abraham, Terence McKenna, and Rupert Sheldrake

The Teaching Mission of Socrates -- Ignacio L. Götz

A Note on Myth, the Mysteries, and Teaching in Plato's Republic -- Ignacio L. Götz

The Tarocchi del Mantegna: An Overview of the Engravings

Reflections on the Tarocchi of Mantegna -- Oliver T. Perrin

Speaking in Hieroglyphics -- Peter Lamborn Wilson

Three Exemplars of the Esoteric Tradition in the Renaissance -- Karen-Claire Voss

Ships with Wings

Apuleius in the Underworld: A Footnote to Metamorphoses 11 -- John Carey

Three Homeric Hymns -- Bruce MacLennan (translator)

Astronomy, Contemplation, and the Objects of Celestial Desire -- David Fideler

Book Reviews

About the Contributors

Issue 4 - The Order and Beauty of Nature

Introduction: Philosophy Embracing the World -- David Fideler

The Cosmic Religious Feeling -- Albert Einstein

Science and Religion -- Albert Einstein

Science and the Beautiful -- Werner Heisenberg

Soul and the World: A Conversation with Thomas Moore and Suzi Gablik

Retrieving an Ancient Ecology: Art -- Christopher Castle

Deep Form in Art and Nature -- Betty and Theodore Roszak

Ecomorphology: Art -- Gordon Onslow Ford

Two Poems -- Betty Roszak

Cosmology, Ethics, and the Practice of Relatedness: A Conversation on Philosophy, the Patterns of Nature, and the Ways of Knowing -- David Fideler

Cultivating Ecological Design Intelligence -- Stuart Cowan

Neoplatonism and the Cosmological Revolution: Holism, Fractal Geometry, and Mind in Nature -- David Fideler

Egos, Angels, and the Colors of Nature -- Robert D. Romanyshyn

The Contemporary Christian Platonism of A. H. Armstrong -- Jay Bregman

The Theology of the Invisible -- Bruce Nelson

The World Religions and Ecology -- Joseph Milne

The Information War -- Hakim Bey

Philosophical Counseling -- Kathleen Damiani

Novelty, the Stop, and the Advent of Conscience -- David Appelbaum

Life, Lindisfarne, and Everything: William Irwin Thompson Speaks Out

Jung and the Myth of the Primordial Tradition -- Andrew Burniston

The Lost Spirit of Hellenic Philosophy -- Christos Evangeliou

Drinking with the Muses -- Thomas Willard

Claiming a Liberal Education -- Stephen Rowe

How to Host a Philosophical Banquet -- Plutarch

Words of the God: Ancient Oracle Traditions of the Mediterranean World -- Lee Irwin

Hermeticism and the Utopian Imagination -- John Michael Greer

Issue 5

Dante and the Comic Way -- Joseph Meeker

An Ecology of Mind -- Doug Man

Science's Missing Half: Epistemological Pluralism and the Search for an Inclusive Cosmology -- David Fideler

Negotiating the Highwire of Heaven: The Milky Way and the Itinerary of the Soul -- E. C. Krupp

Nature and Nature's God: Modern Cosmology and the Rebirth of Natural Philosophy -- Theodore Roszak

Creativity: The Meeting of Apollo and Dionysus -- F. David Peat

Mithras, the Hypercosmic Sun, and the Rockbirth -- David Ulansey

Musical Emblems in the Renaissance: A Survey -- Christina Linsenmeyer-van Schalkwyk

Jung and the Alchemical Imagination -- Jeffrey Raff

Two Platonic Voices in America: Ralph Waldo Emerson and Thomas M. Johnson -- David Fideler

Alcott's Transcendental Neoplatonism and the Concord Summer School -- Jay Bregman

Chaos and the Millennium -- Ralph Abraham

Is Anything the Matter? -- Roger S. Jones

Magnificent Desolation -- Dana Wilde

Soul Loss and Soul Making -- Kabir Helminski

Ideal Beauty and Sensual Beauty in Works of Art -- Aphrodite Alexandrakis

Socrates and the Art of Dialogue -- Robert Apatow

Footprints on the Threshold -- Christine Rhone

Science: Method, Myth, Metaphor? -- Amy Ione

Teaching Archaeoastronomy -- Greg Whitlock

Oneiriconographia: Entering Poliphilo's Utopian Dreamscape: A Review Essay -- Peter Lamborn Wilson

Memorial of A. H. Armstrong -- Jay Bregman

Memorial of Marie-Louise von Franz -- Jeffrey Raff

About the Contributors


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