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Block-Universe Determinism


Practical freedom and metaphysical freedom
Fatalism, or block-universe determinism
Pre-set choice, will, and thoughts
Cross-time control

Practical freedom and metaphysical freedom

Continuant, time-voyaging self
Dethroned by time
Fatal predestination
Frozen agency structure
Hidden underlying level
Metaphysical freedom
Metaphysical level
Moderately compelled moderate freedom
No time for freedom
Paralyzed inside time
Personal power across time
Practical freedom
Practical-freedom level
Pre-authored freedom
Pre-established free acts
Pre-set freedom
Predestined freedom
Predetermined radical freedom
Product of the completely predetermined block universe
Pushed-track freedom
Sense of autonomy
Sense of freedom
Slave of the block universe
Sovereign puppet
Stream of mental events
The freedom delusion
Thought slavery
Time-travelling self
Timeless thinking
Virtual ego support integrity requirement
Virtual freedom
Worldline slavery

Fatalism, or block-universe determinism

All-inclusive block-universe
Block universe
Block-universe determinism
Causal-chain determinism
Closed future
Concretization of time
Controller outside the spacetime system
Crystalline ground of being
Devouring block-universe
Disjoint of the cause-and-effect chain
Eternal viewpoint
Fixed spacetime block
Fixity of fate
Floating embedded in locked, stationary spacetime
Fractal creation
Frozen block universe
Frozen into the block universe
Frozen time-dimension
Frozen timeline
Future invariance
Ground of being
Holistic predetermination
Holistic time-creation
Independent predestination of each time-slice
Locked spacetime
Outcome fatalism
Personal worldline
Pre-existent future
Pre-ordained static freedom
Pre-set at each spacetime point
Space-time block
Spacetime block
Spacetime net
Spacetime trap
Static idealism
Suspended in the block universe
Tenseless idealism
Time axis
Time collapse
Time freezing
Time-axis freezing
Unbroken chain of causality
Underlying block universe
Underlying-determinism level
Universal predetermination
Universal timeless causality


Fixed future
Frozen change
Frozen dynamics
Immobility of events
Meta-static dynamic
The stream of fatedness
The unchanging block universe
Time strobing
Virtually dynamic mental constructs

Pre-set choice, will, and thoughts

Decision paralysis
External origin of thoughts
Forced freedom
Forced volition
Freedom feeling
Frozen freedom
Frozen stream in the block universe
Mental event track
Mental event-stream atomization
Mental guiding-rail
Power of choice
Pre-decided decision
Pre-decided decision path
Pre-ordained will
Pre-pulled puppet strings
Pre-set choice path
Pre-set thought-sequence playback
Thought-sequence playback
Track-propelled freedom
Trumped by time
Worldline of personal choice actions

Cross-time control

Block-universe slavery
Control-action worldline
Controlling future personal actions
Cross time-slice control-grappling
Cross time-slice self-trust
Cross-time control fragmentation
Cross-time fragmentation
Cross-time identity
Cross-time object extension
Cross-time personal control dynamics
Cross-time self
Cross-time self-alienation
Cross-time self-control fragmentation
Cross-time self-trust
Cross-time value-reaching
Determinate stream of will-acts
Dis-appearance of time, self, and personal control
Dis-integration of the cross-time self
Fate puppet
Fixed stream of will-acts
Forceful cross-time self-control
Frozen/fragmented worldline
Future collision-course
Imperviousness of time-slice sub-self to cross-time control efforts
Inability to reach across time
Inalterability of future will-acts
Mandatory near-future time-slice trust
Momentary bubbles
Momentary time-bubbles
Moving freely through time
Near-future alienation
Near-future fear
Near-future self-distrust
No time for ego-power
Pre-set control path
Pre-set control stream
Pre-set injected thoughts/will
Pre-set instability
Pre-set path of control-events
Pre-set time-slices of stream of will
Pre-set will and choice
Radical puppet-freedom
Radically forced radical freedom
Radically unrestrained puppet-freedom
Self-control worldline
Sense of continuity
Series of momentary solipsistic time-slice selves
Space/time/control trap
Stream of control actions
Stream of personal actions
Stream of personal control-actions
Stream of thought
Stream of will
Stream of will-acts
Sub-self time-slices
Thought imposition
Thought injection
Time atomization
Time dis-integration
Time fragmentation
Worldline crash

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