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Self-Control Cybernetics: Key Phrases


The strange loop of personal control
Dissociative destabilization of self-control cybernetics
Inability to act: puppet-mode
Inability to restrain: transcendence of guidance systems
Restabilization principles

The strange loop of personal control

Binding the self-control loop
Body telepresence
Cognitive self-control cybernetics
Conscious locus of control
Control agency
Control hierarchy
Control power
Controller of self-control
Cross-time controller entity
Cross-time self-control
Cybercontrol nexus
Cybernetic helm/tiller/rudder
Cybernetic helmsman
Cybernetic origination
Cybernetic power
Cybernetic self-steering
Cybernetic steering power
Cybernetic steersman
Cybernetic steersmanship
Cybernetic transcendence
Cybernetic zen
Diminishing-returns of personal control
Divine cybernetics of will
Ego-controller system
Egoic control core logic
Egoic control system
Egoic control-power logic
Egoic cybernetic loop
Egoic governing power
Egoic operating system
Empty control loop
Empty controller loop
Empty governor loop
First cause, prime mover
Higher level of control
Higher-level controller
Homuncular helmsman
Homuncular steersman
Impossibility of posi-control
Infinite regression of control
Infinite regression of self-control levels
Intend and enact
Intention set
Internal locus of control
Levels of control
Locus of control
Long-term self-control
Manual control mode
Mental control-core
Meta self-control
No one at the bridge
Outward control projection
Perceived locus of control
Perception/control/modelling feedback
Personal control across time
Personal control actions
Personal control core
Personal control cybernetics
Personal control guidelines
Personal control-agency
Personal control-power
Personal self-government
Personal telepresence
Primary control power
Primary level of control
Primary willing
Prime mover
Self-control climbing
Self-control cybernetics
Self-control dynamics
Self-control level-climbing
Self-control model
Self-control stream
Self-control tunnels
Serpentine control feedback loop
Steering mechanism
Strange cybernetic loop of self-steering will
Stream of control
Stream of control actions
Tangled control-loop
Telepresence body-model
Virtual control power
Virtual self-government
Virtual self-rulership
Virtual time-spanning of control
Wielding sovereign ego-power

Dissociative destabilization of self-control cybernetics

Blowing up of ego power
Catastrophic comprehension
Catastrophic foundation collapse
Control core logic crash
Control feedback potential
Control latching
Control panic
Control seizure and paralysis
Control singularity
Control singularity beacon
Control singularity realization
Control stability
Control vortex
Control-breakdown mental construct
Control-logic reversal
Control-loop conscious closure ("stranglehold")
Control-vortex model-creation
Crash catastrophe
Critical feedback point
Cross-time control testing
Cybercontrol death
Cybernetic control-seizure
Cybernetic control-thrashing
Cybernetic control-trembling
Cybernetic death
Cybernetic humility
Cybernetic instability
Cybernetic revelation
Cybernetic self-deconstruction
Cybernetic self-deconstruction of self-control
Cybernetic shaking and trembling
Cybernetic systems breakdown
Cybernetic thrashing
Cybernetic trembling
Destabilization of self-control cybernetics
Devastating realization
Dictates of reason
Ego-power self-cancellation
Ego-power short-circuiting
Ego-system crash
Escalating self-control war
Grasping and apprehending the control singularity
Grasping the control singularity
Holy deja vu control breakdown seizure
Inner instability point
Key singularity thought
Kill your controllership
Logical control vortex
Logical self-deconstruction of the will
Maelstrom of self-destruction
Maelstrom vortex
Mental self-wrestling
Minotaur in the spiral maze of self-steering
Mutual causality
Normal semi-constraint
Personal control-system crash
Personal power-seizure
Personal self-control system fragments
Positive feedback into non-responsible hyperwill
Remote monitoring and control
Seizing of self-government
Seizing-up of the control system
Seizure of will
Self-cancellation of control core logic
Self-cancellation of egoic power over the will
Self-cancellation of personal control
Self-cancellation of self-control
Self-cancellation of will
Self-control cancellation
Self-control deconstruction vortex
Self-control grappling
Self-control logic vortex
Self-control seizure
Self-control short-circuiting
Self-control singularity
Self-control thrashing
Self-control vortex
Self-defeat of ego power
Self-government seizure
Self-neutralizing self-control
Self-transgression of control
Self-violation of personal control
Shaking and trembling
Short-circuit self-control
Short-circuiting of ego power
Split kingship/slavehood
Strange attractor vortex
Strange attractor vortex beam
Strange-attractor beacon
The control breakdown realization
The control singularity
The control singularity realization
The cybernetic key to ego death
The danger of loss of control
The problem of controlling thoughts and will during dissociative cognition
The self-refutation of self-control
Tightening noose of cognitive feedback
Tractor beam
Trembling destabilization of self-control
Vortex of self-control logic
Vortex singularity point

Inability to act: puppet-mode

Cybernetic impotence
Cybernetic puppet
Cybernetic puppeteer
Cybernetic robot/puppet/slave mode
Cybernetic slave mode
Desperate futility
Helpless unconstrainable power
Impotent hyper-power
Mental track
Merely responsive initiation
Moral robothood
Moral slavehood
Moral slavery
Passenger consciousness
Power paralysis
Powerless passenger cognition
Puppet-mode aversion
Recoiling from puppet-mode
Self-power helplessness
Sensed danger of puppethood-experience
Sensing great danger of puppet-mode
Slaved control
Transcendent cognizance of cybernetic slavery
Transcendent cybernetic-slave mode
Will coercion

Inability to restrain: transcendence of guidance systems

Accustomed egoic restraints
Ceremonial violation of self will
Code of conduct
Control breakdown
Control breakdown vortex
Control breakdown/cancellation vortex
Control clutching
Controller-circuit suspension
Cross-time will-fragmentation
Dangerous disengagement of will/restraint
Dangerous transcendence of attitude-bias
Dangerously unrestrained
Dangerously unrestrained
Fear of restraint-loss
Hanged will
Hyper-emancipated self
Moral cybernetic restraint
Moral restraint
Moral self-restraint
Proof of cybernetic transcendence
Proof of transcendence of self-restraint
Proof of will-transcendence
Radical attitudinal detachment
Radical detachment
Radical unpredictability of predetermined control
Radical unrestraint
Reckless detachment
Runaway freedom
Self-control coercion
Self-restraint transgression
Time-slice grappling
Total guidance-disengagement
Transcendence of control
Transgression of restraint as proof of transcendence
Uncontrollable freedom
Unguided power

Restabilization principles

Control ballast
Control stabilizer
Control-singularity escape
Control-singularity escape
Control-system crash and reboot
Control-system reset
Cybernetic crash-and-reboot
Damping of homeostatic feedback
Desperate downward-looking effort
Goal releasing
Higher-level help request
Implore supplication
Self-control re-stabilization
Self-control reboot
Stabilizing control
Stabilizing factor

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