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Free Will Is 'Lawlessness' -- Excerpts:

In contradistinction to the false doctrine of free will, Scripture teaches subservience to the sovereign free will of God as the mark of a true Christian

The Arminian clearly substitutes his will for the will of God. He worships a God who cannot and will not violate man's will, otherwise man would be no less than a mere puppet, whose will is not free to pull his own strings. By so doing, Free Willers exalt their wills above the sovereign free will of God. God can do nothing, they allege, but what man wills Him to do. Yet Christ declares the opposite:

One can only conclude that the Papacy, the Mother of all Harlots, and her daughters, those outside the Roman church, (who nevertheless propagate her false doctrines), all teach free will, which is self will. This is nothing less than lawlessness. They are far from the Lord ...

"If anyone shall affirm, that since the fall of Adam, man's free will is lost and extinguished; or that it is a thing titular, yea a name, without a thing, and a fiction introduced by Satan into the Church; let such a one be accursed." -- Council of Trent, 1563, Session 6, Ch.16, Canons 4-5

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Moira: Fate, Good, and Evil, in Greek Thought -- William Chase Greene


Karma and Freedom: A Conceptual and Critical Exploration -- N.C. Padhi


Politics and Fate -- Andrew Gamble . Pub info Cambridge, UK : Polity Press ; Malden, MA : Blackwell, 2000


JA71 .G25 2000 

Fatalism in ancient India / Sukumari Bhattacharji

Pub info Calcutta : Baulmon Prakashan, 1995



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