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Entheogen Books

There are plenty of general psychedelics-and-religion bibliographies already; it's nearly common knowledge by now.  There are already about ten books about entheogens in Western religions.  I will merely provide links to such comprehensive sites.

It is great that people are making a strong connection now between entheogens and the origin of essentially all religions, but this new common knowledge lacks a philosophy and theory of metaphysics and time.

I am going to be very selective and strive for books that especially support the convergence of the following areas.

o  Entheogens in the origin of religions, particularly the mystery religions.

o  Religious experiencing rationally and clearly explained.

o  Judeo-Christianity as mystery religion.

o  Metaphysics of time, theory of frozen time, including hidden-variables determinism and tenseless time

o  Personal control agency

I will not provide much coverage of these areas: shamanism, most Eastern religion, 20th-century psychedelics history.

http://www.erowid.org/library/books/zen_drugs.shtml - Zen, Drugs, and Mysticism.  A dubious position, but a standard point of reference.

http://www.erowid.org/library/books/minds_i.shtml -- articles about self and personal agency.

The Entheogen Theory of Religion - Amazon Book Lists

Entheogen theory of the origin of religions

The active eucharist that reveals the kingdom of God

Eucharist (Catholic authors)

Eucharist (Catholic authors II)

Lord's Supper (Prot., E. Orth, Ecum.)

http://www.egodeath.com/amanita.htm - amanita books and links, also general entheogens in western religion

Book lists at Dan Russell's Drug War & herbal site --

http://www.drugwar.com/psychedelicbooks.htm -- probably sufficient for my purposes.  Overlaps with these other book-pages:





Book list at Erowid.org psychoactives-info site -- http://www.erowid.org/library/books/a_subject.shtml


Requirements for an ideal set of webpages about relevant books: Includes date, author, title, purchase-link, reason why relevant, link to various site pages about the book: mindbooks, csp.org, erowid, amazon, b-noble

Books That Were Listed at Defunct Promind.com entheogen bookseller site

I have a local copy of the complete final book list.

Philosophy & Pioneers: Terence McKenna

Food of the Gods

Public Policy & Law: Philosophic Perspectives

Age of Entheogens & The Angels' Dictionary

Public Policy & Law: Legal Guides

Sacred Mushrooms and The Law

Religion & Spirit: Schultes and Wasson

Plants of the Gods
Road to Eleusis
Persephone's Quest
Sacred Mushroom Seeker
Wasson's First Voyage

Religion & Spirit: Ancient Ways

Apples of Apollo
Stairways to Heaven
Mystery of Manna
Shamanism and Drug Propaganda
Long Trip
Forgotten Truth

Religion & Spirit: Soma and Amanita

Soma: Divine Hallucinogen
Mushrooms and Mankind
Blue Tide
Ploughing the Clouds
Strange Fruit
Haoma and Harmaline

Religion & Spirit: Modern Efforts

In Search of Ultimate High
Cleansing the Doors of Perception
Entheogens and Future of Religion (MindBooks)  Erowid  CSP  Amazon
Religion and Psychoactive Sacraments
Buddhism and Psychedelics
Psychedelics and the Path
Recovery of the Sacred

Practical Guides: Art and Poetry

Psychedelics and Creativity
Mission of Art
Sacred Mirrors
Living With Barbarians
Pharmako/Gnosis (forthcoming)

Practical Guides: Psychedelics

Psychedelics Encyclopedia
Psychedelic Shamanism

Practical Guides: Mind Materials

Psychedelic Resource List
Psychedelic Sourcebook

Traditional Cultures: Western Ways

Brief History of Drugs
Encyclopaedia of Psychoactive Substances
Essential Substances
Murder, Magic, and Medicine
Narcotic Plants of the Old World
Toads and Toadstools

Traditional Cultures: Societies and Hallucinogens

Hallucinogens and Culture
Flesh of the Gods
Hallucinogens: Cross-Cultural...
Plants, People, and Culture
Ethnobotany: Evolution of a Discipline

Traditional Cultures: World Journals

Eleusis (new), Issue 1
Eleusis (new), Issue 2
Eleusis (new), Issue 3
Eleusis, Issue 4
Eleusis, Issue 5
Eleusis, Issue 6
Eleusis, Issue 7
Integration, Issue 1
Integration, Issue 2-3
Integration, Issue 4
Integration, Issue 5
Integration, Issue 6
Integration, Issues 1-6

Traditional Cultures: Historical Texts

Plant Intoxicants
Seven Sisters of Sleep

Plants & Compounds: Salvia Divinorum

Salvia Divinorum and Salvinorin A
Divine Sage: Guide to Salvia d. (forthcoming)

Plants & Compounds: Botany and Phytochemistry


Chemistry & Neuroscience: Popular Brain Science

Trips: How Hallucinogens Work
Zen and the Brain
Fifty Years of LSD

Chemistry & Neuroscience: Neurochemistry

Into The Void
DMT: The Spirit Molecule

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