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Jesus and the Goddess -- Detailed Table of Contents



Jesus and the Goddess: The Secret Teachings of the Original Christians

Timothy Freke, Peter Gandy




1. The Gospel of Gnosis

    The Good News

    A Journey of Initiation

2. The Original Christians

    Gnostics and Literalists

    The Therapeutae and the Essenes

    Sources of the Jesus Myth

        The Exodus Allegory

        Jewish Messiah and Pagan Godman

        The Saviour King

        The Evolving Jesus Myth

    The Christian Goddess

    Schools of Christian Gnosticism




        Free Spirits





3. Church of the Anti-Christ

    The Literalist Heresy

        Forged Lineage

        International Christian Gnosticism

        The Growth of Christian Literalism

        The Suppression of Women

        Attacks on Gnosticism

    The Gnostic Heritage

    The Literalist Legacy




    The Real Jesus Is a Red Herring


4. Know Your Self

    Body -- Soul -- Spirit

        Recognizing the Levels of Our Identity

        The Body Is in the Soul

    The One Consciousness of God

        The One Appearing as the Many

        The Absolute Mystery and Its Apparent Qualities


    The Path of Self-Knowledge

        Soul Initiation

        Spirit Initiation

        The Journey to God

    The Realization of Gnosis

    The Essence of Christianity

        The Christ Within

        Resurrection from the Dead


5. The Lost Goddess

    The Myth of Sophia

    An Initiation Allegory

        The Hylic State

        Psychic Initiation

        Pneumatic Initiation

        The Mystical Marriage

        The Image of God

    Origins of the Christian Goddess

        Jewish Sources

        The Myth of Helen

        Plato's Phaedo

        The Myth of Aphrodite

        The Myth of Eros and Psyche

        The Myth of Demeter and Persephone

    The Goddess in the Gospels

        Virgin and Prostitute

        Images of the Awakening Psyche

        Motifs of the Mystical Marriage


6. The Ascent from the Cave

    The Imitation of Christ

        Initiation Rituals

    The Way Down

        The Fallen Star

        The Cave of the Cosmos

        The Virgin of Light

    The Psychic Initiation

        Elemental Initiations

        The 12 Disciples

        Jesus and His Twin

        Signposts to the Truth

        Psychic Teachings

        Jesus the Gnostic Rebel

    The Pneumatic Initiation

        The Death of the Eidolon

        Becoming the Witness

        Conquering the Cosmos

        Waking the Dead


7. Consciousness Conceives the Cosmos

    The Mystery Made Manifest

        God and Goddess

        The One and the Many

    The Evolving Cosmos

    The End Is the Beginning

        The Beginning Is Now


8. The Father's Secret Plan

    The Christian Myth Cycle

        Act I: The Archtypal Drama

        Act II: The Cosmic Drama

        Act III: The Human Drama

        The Basic Narrative

    All God's Idea


9. The Image of Christ

    The Cave

        The False Father

    The Cross of Light

        The Seamless Garment

        Re-Membering Christ

        The Ankh

    The Mystical Marriage


10. The God of the Blind

    Free Will and Fate - page photo

    Missing the Mark

    In Inevitability of Evil


11. The Mystical Marriage

    The Psychic Initiation

    The Pneumatic Initiation

    The Love Affair of Life

        In the Cosmos But Not of It




12. The New Improved Testament

    Objective Science and Subjective Gnosis

    Twenty-First Century Gnosticism

Appendix I. Blueprint for Reality

    The Levels of Human Identity

    Subject and Object

    The Ladder to Heaven

Appendix II. Gnostic Islam



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Home (theory of the ego death and rebirth experience)