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Kendrick 118 - 5 watt 1x8 tube combo

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Kendrick - 118. 5-watt 1x8 tube combo. $589.

kendrick at inetport.com


Reviewed Guitar Player Aug 1994. Excerpts:

Almost a dead-on remake of the classic tweeed Fender Champ. Point-to-point wiring on a fiber circuit board. 2 in jacks. Vol knob which is an on-off switch as well. 12AX7 and 1 6V6 power tube, and 5Y3 rectifier. Plate voltage 360 volts. NOS phenolic tube sockets, Switchcraft jacks, 3.2 ohm Kendrick 8" Blackframe speaker. Replacement spk available $69.

Better than Champ, it has:

Hum reduction circuit
Line-out with voltage divider for line-level signal.
1/4" output jack.

Sounds great, and we used it to test and compare various output tubes, along with a 2x10 open-back cab -- it's nice for that.

Fender should offer a head and rack-mount unit, and not insist on pairing low-watt amps with dinky speakers. An amp this simple could be squeezed into a stompbox configuration, like the Lawbreaker by Jarrod Lee, as well as the H&K Crunch Master and Bass Master.

1/2001 - Kendrick has moved.  New phone: (512) 932 3130


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