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Mental Construct Processing


Loose mental-construct binding
Dissociative-state perception and epistemology
Loss of control of cognition in the dissociative state
Loss of control of self in the dissociative state
Religion and the dissociative state
The egoic and transcendent mental models

Loose mental-construct binding

Advanced imaginative rational model-manipulation
Associative dissolution
Awareness feedback
Cartoon-like mental construct
Cognitive binding intensity
Cognitive dis-integration
Cognitive dissociation
Cognitive habit-patterns
Cognitive-association slippage
Conceptual ruttedness
Cybernetic key
Deep re-indexing of mental construct groups
Deep-level symbolic re-indexing of mental constructs
Deep-level symbolic reindexing
Dissociative cognition
Dissociative cognitive state
Dissociative communication resonance
Dissociative insights can be explained
Dissociative state
Dissociative-state triggers
Dynamic association matrixes
Dynamic mental construct
Dynamic mental construct association matrix
Dynamic mental construct association matrixes
Dynamic mental construct association sets
Group-shifting of word meanings
Habit suspension
Hypercreative vision-logic
Loose cognition
Loose cognitive binding
Loose cognitive binding state
Loose mental construct binding
Loosening of indexing-links
Mental construct
Mental construct binding
Mental construct binding intensity
Mental construct dis-integration
Mental construct processing
Mental construct re-indexing
Mental constructs
Mental-habit loosening
Pattern of mental processing
Radical associative relinking
Reindexing of mental constructs
Schizophrenic dis-integration
The dissociative state as an intellectual and artistic tool
Thunderbolt of vision-logic
Tight cognition
Tight cognitive binding
Tight mental construct binding

Dissociative-state perception and epistemology

Alleged referent object
Auto-conflation of symbol and referent
Blatant perceptual distortion
Bubble of hyper-solipsism
Bubble of perception
Cartoon bubble
Cartoon representation
Cartoon representation/referent splitting
Concretization of time and perception
Conflated layer
Conflation layer
De-reification of memory
Direct perception
Dis-conflation and splitting of perceptual layers
Dis-integrated perception
Dissociative pattern-recognition
Dissociative perception
Equivalent perceptual objects
Explicit (rather than transparent) representational layer
Floating pointer
Higher and lower pattern perception
Hypothetical realism
Illusion projection
Innovative pattern-perception
Mental construct layer
Mental Photorealism
Mental projection
Mental representation
Mental-construct layer
Mental-construct pointing
Mental-construct realm
Mentally projected virtual environment
Perceptual conflation
Perceptual distortion
Perceptual feedback loop
Perceptual layers
Perceptual lock-on
Photorealistic painting, we walk inside the mind's virtual reality
Plastic perception
Present mental constructs
Pure-awareness feedback
Referent plane
Referentless reference
Representational layer
Representational level
Screen of perception
Sea of madness
Solipsistic implosion
Solipsistic space capsule
Solipsistic time-slice bubble
Static [tenseless] idealism
Stationary awareness
Symbolic representation
Tangible, temporal environment
The mentally projected self-representation
Time strobing
Time-slice bubble
Wall of perception

Loss of control of cognition in the dissociative state

Assumed danger of puppet mode
Attempting to shut out destabilizing concepts
Attention aversion
Cognitive feedback
Conceptual lock-on
Conscious perception of puppethood
Conscious will-injection
Consciousness of puppethood
Critical feedback point
Cross-time self-estrangement
Cybernetic surveillance monitors
Dangerous transcendence of restraint
Dangerous transcendence of self-guidance
Disquieting pre-glimpsing
Ego-integrity-destroying vortex
Epiphany panic
False certainty feedback/buildup
Fear of destructive dis-integration
Fear of music
Fear of one's coming thoughts and actions
Fear of thinking
Fear of undamped idea-feedback
Feedback and buildup of false sureness
Feedback buildup
Force of reason
Forced introspection
Hyper-amplified will
Hypervigilant resistance of imagination
Impending advancing doom
Inescapable insight
Inescapable realization
Inexorable thought tightening
Insight apprehension
Insight aversion
Insight recoiling
Interpretation feedback
Liquid cognition flow-filling
Loss of control of interpretation feedback
Loss of skepticism
Manual idea-feedback damping
Mental dis-order aversion
Mental puppet
Meta apprehension
Notion feedback/buildup
Paranoia lock-on and build-up
Passive, hanging awareness
Phase-lock noose
Psychotically creative imagination
Radical freedom
Radically free imagination
Reality-tunnel breakout
Recoiling from hyperimagination
Runaway cognition
Runaway insightfulness
Self-reinforcing thought
Skepticism disengagement
Stabilization stupidity
Stable mental operating conditions
Transcendent control of idea-feedback
Uncontrollable feedback-buildup of ideas
Uncontrollable notioning
Uncontrollable self-reinforcement of notions
Undamped feedback of notions
Undamped idea-feedback
Unregulated notion-feedback
Unrestrained brilliance
Unrestrained intellect
Unrestrained power of imagination
Unrestrained thinking
Unstable system

Loss of control of self in the dissociative state

Dangerous fascination
Fear of insight
Self-coaxing and resistance
Sensed danger of puppethood
Strange attractor beacon
Strange attractor of control-cancellation
Strange attractor of doom and fascination
The seizure-trap of metaprogramming
Thought experiment
Unavoidable realization
Unstoppable realization
Vortex construct re-discovery
Vortex construct realization
Will-violating thought experiments

Religion and the dissociative state

Begging for reprieve
Beloved puppet
Divine madness
Divine psychosis
Forceful short-circuit proof of transcendence of personal guidance
Inevitable revealing
Morbid commitment to realizing truth
Paranoia vortex
Pleading conversation with fate
Puppet-mode acclimation
Realization aversion
Realization resistance
Reconciliation of delusion through inner orientation
Temporary divine psychosis

The egoic and transcendent mental models

Advanced rationality
Catastrophic breakthrough in collective self-knowledge
Catastrophic breakthrough in self-knowledge
Catastrophic shift
Cognitive modes vs. mental models
Cognitive transcendence
Collective delusion
Collective delusion lock-in
Collective transcendence
Core logic
Crystalline cross-reflection of mental constructs
Deep world-model revision
Domain dynamics
Dynamic mental model
Egoic cognition
Egoic control rationality
Egoic mental mode
Egoic mental model
Egoic operating system
Fatal realization
Foundation collapse
Foundation pulling
Functional coherence of delusion
Historical window of delusion
Homeostatic equilibrium
Homeostatic reinforcement
Homeostatic shift
Homeostatic state shift
Inevitable realization
Labyrinth of confusion
Loose engagement of mental model
Mental model
Mental model disengagement
Mental model inversion
Mental model of self, world, time, and control
Mental model switching
Model of mind, self, self-control, and time
Naive animal perspective
Non-rational approaches cannot produce transcendent knowledge
Random-belief lock-in
Self-maintaining system
Self-neutralizing logical collapse
Self-reinforcement of the egoic or transcendent worldmodels
Self-reinforcing conceptual model
Self-reinforcing interpretive framework
Self-stabilizing homeostatic equilibrium
Stable confusion
System collapse
The maturing of reason past ego
Transcendent cognition
Transcendent conceptual system
Transcendent conceptual system lock-on
Transcendent construct processing
Transcendent control rationality
Transcendent knowledge
Transcendent mental mode
Transcendent mental model
Unstable system

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