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Books added July 18, 2002:

Hallucinogens: A Reader, excellent anthology edited by Charles Grob
Shamans Through Time, history of how we have looked at shamanism
Zig Zag Zen, Buddhism and psychedelics, separated at birth?
Drawing It Out, artist's personal transformation through drawing
To Think With a Good Heart, Huichol women's culture, weaving
To an Unknown God, story of political struggle of the N.A.C.
Simple Plant Isoquinolines, Shulgin's new reference work
Trout's Notes on Some Simple Tryptamines, new expanded edition
Trout's Notes on the Genus Desmodium, all about this tryptamine plant
Trout's Notes on Sacred Cacti has new photo and glossary booklets
Psilocybin Mushroom Cultivation, new guide to growing shrooms
Sex, Spirit, and Psychedelics, MAPS Newsletter on making contact
State of Ecstasy, Journal of Psychoactive Drugs on MDMA
Psychedelic Mysticism, Shaman's Drum on hallucinogens
Politics of Pharmacology, new edition of Leary's work
Your Brain Is God, also new edition of Leary's work
Acid: New Secret History of LSD, new updated edition
Entheos #2, theme issue: Entheogens in the Americas
Eleusis (new), Issue 5, San Pedro and Anandenanthera use in Chile
Entheogen Review V10#3, drug terrorism, 4-ace-DIPT primer
Entheogen Review V10#4, Delphic oracle, conference reports
Entheogen Review V11#1, TLC technique, 2C-T-7 risks
Entheogen Review V11#2, Hawaiian shroom cult, Egyptian kykeon>
Trip: Psychedelic Culture #7, Essays on drugs & terrorism, nitrous use
Journal Cognitive Liberites V3 #1, Cannabis Odyssey, Liberty and LSD
Journal Cognitive Liberites V3 #2, Technoculture, forced drug use

Books added December 20, 2001:

Plants of the Gods, new edition of classic Schultes & Hofmann illustrated guide
Transfigurations, wonderful, beautiful (and difficult) art and story of Alex Grey
Spirits of the Rainforest, multi-level reflections on the Amazon and Ayahusaca
Journal Cognitive Liberty V2 #2, lastest notes about social/legal issues
Journal Cognitive Liberty V2 #3, lastest notes about social/legal issues

Books added October 18, 2001:

Psychedelic Trips for the Mind, Krassner's stories of famous people and LSD use
Writing On Drugs, many famous writers discuss their various drugs of choice
Trip: Psychedelic Culture #6, re-launch of this Journal of Psychedelic Culture
Ibogaine: Proceedings of... Conference, brain science and addiction interruption
Ecstasy: The Complete Guide, great anthology its of risks, benefits, and issues
Through the Gateway of the Heart, MDMA stories, found a few copies of this classic
Psychedelic Sacrament, God's Manna was ergot bread, church elders meditated with it
Entheos #1, new Journal of Psychedelic Spirituality; Amanitas, visions of Eden, more
High Art, beautiful historical psychedelic posters, large format
Shamanism: Neural Ecology..., altered brain states can heal; the science and culture
Spirit of the Shuar, their family life, shapeshifting, dreaming, teacher plants, shamans
Jungle Medicine, pharmacist becomes ayahuasca shaman, works with spirit doctors
Last Sorcerer, doctor learns about Amazon healing and shamanic plants, and people
Peyotism and Native American Church Bibliography, nicely annotated with 493 entries
Shamanic Snuffs or Entheogenic Errhines, Ott's opus on tooting tryptamines arrived!
Intoxicating Minds, overview on how mind drugs work, in the brain and in cultures
Psychopharmacology of Herbal Medicine, how mind-altering herbs affect the brain
Dream Drugstore, common brain states of dreams, psychedelics, and schizophrenics
Heffter Review, Vol 2, new scientific papers on how psychedelics work in the brain

Books added July 30, 2001:

Psychoactive Sacramentals, new essays on entheogens and religion
Artificial Paradises, anthology of drug writings by famous people
Salvia Divinorum and Salvinorin A, new edition of Entheogen Review book
Steven Cerio’s ABC Book, whimsical poetry and fantasy art for grown-ups
Eleusis (new), Issue 4, two new important kykeon papers, and more
Entheogen Review V10#2, latest entheogen news, DMT, Mind States II, etc.

Books added May 11, 2001:

Shamanic Snuffs or Entheogenic Errhines, Jonathan Ott's latest opus
Psychedelics and Creativity, special MAPS bulletin, nice color artwork
I Was Carlos Castaneda, he teaches about death, life, and ayahuasca
Trout's Notes on the Cultivation and Propagation of Cacti, extensive
Change Your Brain, new Timothy Leary release based on older work
Ask Ed: Marijuana Law, new edition or practical aspects of drug law
Ecstasy, Its History and Lore, yet another Ecstasy culture book
LSD Psychotherapy, Stan Grof's important book, back in print from MAPS
Psychedelic Experience, the Leary/Alpert/Metzner tripping guide, is back
Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, Tom Wolfe's classic about the Magic Bus, is back
This Timeless Moment, Laura Huxley remembers husband Aldous Huxley, is back
Entheogen Review V10#1, latest notes from the entheogen experimenters
Journal Cognitive Liberty V2 #1, lastest notes about social/legal issues
Psychedelic Monographs & Essays #6, on sale for $4.95

Books added February 22, 2001:

DMT: The Spirit Molecule, long-awaited book on research and speculation about DMT
Ketamine: Dreams and Realities, long-awaited expert book on many aspects of ketamine
Smart Pills, small booklet about uses of 2C-D and related compounds for learning
Into The Void, personal psychonautic explorations using several compounds and technologies
Transfigurations, new beautiful art book by Alex Grey
Tomorrow Never Knows, the psychedelic influence in 60's music and culture
Other Side of Haight, novel about a 60's commune by James Fadiman
Dark Night, Early Dawn, theory of deep ecology and field dynamics of the altered mind
Psychology of the Future, Overview and summary of Stan Grof's consciousness research
Apples of Apollo, ethnobotanical roots of the Christian eucharist and Pagan sacraments
Entheogen Review V9#2, Burning Man, DMT book, McKenna talk, Telluride, Mirabilis multiflora
Entheogen Review V9#3, Dan Merkur, San Pedro species photos, McKenna talk, Divinorum C
Journal Cognitive Liberty V1 #3, Synthetic Panics, drug laws, hair testing, electroshock
Herbs of the Northern Shaman, overview of mind-altering plants of northern hemisphere
Psychonavigation, mind travel to distant realms and sources of wisdom
Pharmako/Poeia Index, comprehensive multi-part index by the author
Haoma and Harmaline, new reprint, cultural/linguistic theory that Soma was Syrian Rue
Getting Off, novel set in 1969, Berkeley to Woodstock, riots to psychedelic religions
Drug War, history of misguided U.S. drug policy, from 1700's to the present

Books added October 12, 2000:

Tripping: Anthology of Psychedelic Adventures, great collection of trip reports
In Search of the Ultimate High, spiritual practice with psychedelics
Soma: Divine Hallucinogen, and the elixir of immortality
Psychedelic Resource List, new updated edition
Medicine Quest, Plotkin looks at ayahuasca
Ayahuasca Healing, special issue of Shaman's Drum
Book of Ecstasy, MDMA from a music perspective
Eleusis (new), Issue 3, latest issue
Yearbook for Ethnomedicine, Issue 6/7, 1997/8, latest issue
Journal Cognitive Liberty V1 #1, new journal for legal issues
Journal Cognitive Liberty V1 #2

Books added July 10, 2000:

Illuminatus, fantastic art, text by Terence McKenna
Cleansing the Doors of Perception, entheogens in spiritual practice
Varieties of Psychedelic Experience, great classic is back
Stairways to Heaven, American entheogenic religions
Mushrooms and Mankind, Amanita's in history
Delicious Grace of Moving One’s Hand, Tim Leary talks about sex
Politics of Self-Determination, Leary talks about self-determination
Sisters of the Extreme, new edition of Shaman Woman, Mainline Lady
Entheogen Review V9#1, McKenna, ayahuasca, drug politics and poetry
Resonance Project #5, consciousness, drug myths, Nichols, Pendell
Trout's Notes on Desmanthus, tryptamines, cultivation
Narcotic and Hallucinogenic Cacti of the New World
Closet Cactus Care, cultivation, grafting, with photos
Ayahuasca Analogs & Plant-Based Tryptamines, new edition, more plants
Advanced Techniques of Clandestine Psychedelic & Amphetamine Manufacture

Books added March 6, 2000:

Ayahuasca Reader, excellent collection
Amazon Magic, story of the Santo Daime
Sorcery and Shamanism, scholarly work returns
Entheogen Review V8#4, latest and greatest
Confessions of a Dope Dealer, important lessons learned

Books added December 16, 1999:

Delicious Grace of Moving One’s Hand (forthcoming)
Humphry Osmond: Psychedelic Pioneer
Psychedelics ReImagined (arrived)
Synthetic Panics
Rave Culture
Mystery of Manna
Blue Tide
Soma: Divine Hallucinogen (forthcoming)
Green Psychology
Living With Barbarians
Acid Trips and Chemistry (arrived)
Little Book of Ketamine (arrived)
Trout's Notes on Cactus Chemistry
Magical Mushrooms, Mischievous Molds

Books added October 6, 1999:

Entheogen Review V8#1, DPT, Datura, Extraction Notes, Strychnos, Amanitas, Mimosa, Ott
Entheogen Review V8#2, Terence McKenna, Datura, DPT, Ayahuasca, Netherlands, Phalaris, Ott
Entheogen Review V8#3, Fly Agaric, Velada with Salvia, 5-MeO-DIPT, Claviceps, Siebert, Wasson
Eleusis (new), Issue 2, Datura; Perseus; Inocybe; Passiflora; Galbulimima; Madagascar; mycelia.
Yearbook for Ethnomedicine, Issue 5, 1996, Metzner; Torres; Schaefer; Valencic; Ott; Meyer.

Books added June 1, 1999:

Twilight of the Clockwork God, philosophy with Terence McKenna, Stan Grof
Timothy Leary: Outside Looking In, essays by famous people about Leary
Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out, except from Politics of Consciousness
Moksha, Aldous Huxley's writings about psychedelics
The Walls of Illusion, essays on psychedelic culture
Amazing Dope Tales, Stephen Gaskin's psychedelic truths
Resonance Project #4, MDMA, ibogaine, Burning Man, mimosahuasca, McKenna, Shulgin
The Love Drug, MDMA introduction, emphasis on possible problems
Generation Ecstasy, history of techno/rave culture, how MDMA relates
Altered State, new edition of history of rave culture; also British
Road to Eleusis, Wasson et al, how Greeks used a psychedelic, fine new edition
Ploughing the Clouds, possible Soma mushroom use in Celtic mythology
Little Book of Acid, nice introduction to using LSD and morning glories
Mission of Art, Alex Gray on spiritual and conscious art, with psychedelics
Brief History of Drugs, ancient to modern, "from the stone age to the stoned age"
Encyclopaedia of Psychoactive Substances, Aconite to Zombi drug, useful reference
The Violet Forest, transformational journey through South America
Ayahuasca, Metzner, excellent new book on experiences and background
Forest of Visions, spiritual path of Ayahuasca church leader
Peyote Religious Art, traditional, ceremonial, and modern artistic forms
Salvia Divinorum and Salvinorin A, collection from The Entheogen Review
Alkaloids: Biochemistry, Ecology, and Medical Applications, scientific text

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