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Mushroom Hats in Religious Art


Kabbalah: Tradition of Hidden Knowledge

Z'Ev Ben Shimon Halevi


p. 67 - Tree composed of words. Calligraphic diagram of the Tree from ms., France, 13th c. Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris: Note the mushroom fruits in the top branches and the matching mushroom hats, and the mushroom dandelions under the tree.



The Mythic Image

Joseph Campbell, assisted by M. J. Abadie


Image 388 on page 444. Joseph Campbell's note on page 534 about the plate:

Polynesian Execution Scene. A.D. 1818. Hawaii. Engraving by James Arago, draughtsman with the expedition chronicled in "A Narrative of a Voyage Around the World in the Uranie and Physicienne corvettes, Commanded by Captain Freycinet, 1817-1820." From Ray Jerome Baker, Early Hawaiian Prints (Honolulu: R. J. Baker, 1938), plates unnumbered. From a copy in the author's collection.

The chief's hat has mushrooms:


The Age of Entheogens & The Angel's Dictionary

Jonathan Ott


p. 160, Mixtec vignette from Lienzo de Zacatepec or Codex Vindobonensis by Martin Vinaver:


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