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Mystery-initiation secrecy brought down the Roman Empire

James Arthur emphasizes "no more mystery-school secrets - secrecy is harmful". http://www.jamesarthur.yage.net

The mediterranean (but not Egyptian) mystery school cultures agreed that the whole society must keep secret their belief in our puppethood, but because of this secrecy, they lost their entire culture. They said that to reveal to the uninitiated that we are morally empty marionettes would be to kill the uninitiated's ego, in a premature ego death, and therefore the appropriate punishment for revealing the collective secret should be death. "Don't kill the children with ego death; leave them to believe in the lie of egoic moral culpability." But some of the philosophers did not agree that we should build a society around a secret lie, deliberately nurturing a large deluded class of noninitiates. Socrates administered the cognitive loosening agents outside the mystery temples and told his students, anyone, what the shared secret is: that the society talks in terms of responsibility, rewards, and punishments, yet collectively officially believes in Fate and puppethood, not the rationally impossible idea of a genuine moral agent. The lawmakers said that the appropriate punishment for letting out the puppethood secret is death. Socrates disagreed. When they challenged him, they left the door open so that he might walk out of the society. He demolished them by saying, "look, if you guys are serious, then kill me. I say, telling the uninitiated the puppethood principle is not like killing them. I have harmed no one. I have spread truth. What crime am I guilty of, uttering Truth? Show me the victim. I am innocent. If you are so stupid as to have a law that says I must be killed, then do it. It's your law, it's your problem, the blood of an innocent man will be on your hands. Do you think this justice is fair? I kill egos "prematurely" you say... so you say it's just to bodily kill me. Well then if that is your law, if that is really the way you feel, then prove it. Kill me, for the crime of uttering truth.

Socrates was proven right. The mediterranean culture continued to declare that the truth of puppethood must be kept secret, divulged only during initiation. How in the hell could they possibly expect people to obey such an idiotic, impossible law, a law that essentially requires you to tell the worst sort of lie to the uninitiated -- it forms a dubious class system. That law of silence is like killing people for telling kids there is no Santa Clause. Is that just? Well, is it? If you believe it is just, then prove it by killing me for having published the truth, the secret of our puppethood. Since when is it a mortal crime to simply speak what we all hold to be the truth about ourselves? Obviously, since you left my cell door open for a month before my execution, you don't believe your own measure of justice. If you really think your law of silence about "the sacred" is just, then prove it by killing me for uttering what everyone knows already anyway, for uttering a secret that is bound to come out, which in fact has already come out. How long will you pretend that the secret of puppethood has not been leaked among the uninitiated? It has already happened, and now society has been made a laughingstock. Now, [jumping ahead] the literalist Christians are claiming that the lie of egoic free moral agency, moral culpability, is true -- and we are helpless, handcuffed and silenced by our own laws. We cannot tell the literalist Christians that they are wrong, that we are in fact puppets as any rational mind must observe during the entheogen window. We can't tell the literalist Christians they are wrong, because we would break our own law of silence about the sacred puppethood principle, and that is the principle that the literalist Christians are mistaken about.

Euripides' play (if I recall the author) had to be censored - in the battle of Fate and the free soveriegn ego, at the peak, he was forbidden to mention "marionette", forbidden to reveal the sacred object that kills people, the marionette of the Osiris-Dionysus dying and resurrecting godman. How long are we going to keep up this childish charade -- with the unchildish punishment by death if we violate the charade? I bring people to the Truth, and enlighten them -- and for this, you will kill me? Well if that is your "justice", then so let it be -- there is no blood on *my* hands; I have only enlightened people. Where is the victim? For enlightening people, I must be killed? Some "justice". May you enjoy the fruits of such a system of justice."

In the end, he was proven right. The secrecy was totally catastrophic. The rational, civilized men had overconfidently left themselves open to attack from below: the children, the deluded, the uninitiated, took the lie of ego that was so carefully, lovingly preserved and protected by the spiritual adults, and ran with it, declaring it now the mandatory only permitted view. Initiation was outlawed. Sacred plants were outlawed. Truth was outlawed. Philosophy was outlawed. And above all, the puppethood principle itself was outlawed, because it did not empower the rulers -- the lie of ego and the false economy of the moral-afterlife torture protection racket was more profitable. The dark ages began then, 400 CE. May you enjoy the fruits of your system of secrecy about the truth of our puppethood nature -- the result is the ego lie run riot, taking over the entire society with the fruits you would expect from the poisonous doctrine of a dead man, an actual man who literally died and was bodily resurrected. That is the opposite of the Jesus brand of the Osiris-Dionysus myth! When we pagans criticized the gnostic Christians for unoriginality, for stealing the Osiris story and claiming it for your own invention, we didn't anticipate that this criticism of lack of originality would lead to a staggering innovation called literalist Christianity -- a poisonous doctrine of insanity, innovative in the worst way possibly, an inconceivably wrong kind of innovation -- the innovation of the utter madman, taking the lie of egoic free moral agency to be the only allowable truth! Most frustrating is, our society is doomed because, we can't even argue with you; we have agreed upon penalty of death, we must not spiritually kill you literalist Christians by telling you the puppet principle. If we can't discuss this type of principle with you, on penalty of death, then we are all lost -- we may not resist you, the children of evil who are taking over. Rome, and Truth, are fallen -- woe to us all! We are all forced to profess a lie and deny the puppethood principle. The light of Truth is now extinguished, the golden age is finished. Welcome to the new land, land of the rotten lie of ego. So, how do you like your egoic freedom so far?

To all you mysterians and all you who believe in lying to the children, let this be a lesson to you. We now know that the classical pagan world was most tragically mistaken in their law that killed Socrates. We agreed to lie to the children, to the uninitiated, and the uninitiated in return took over the entire world by sheer force, with results that we now know are utterly disasterous. You cannot build a good society on a lie and a secret! Therefore we now know that in the middle of Plato's city, there must a a monument to the puppethood principle, visible for all the world. Let us destroy this dividing of people into enlightened Mary Magdalenes and deluded Peters; into the initiated and the uninitiated. That division is dangerous, because how can the initiated prevent the uninitiated from simply dictating what everyone shall believe, by force? We have only a choice between an evil society built on a lie, or a society which is entirely enlightened. Having one half know Truth and the other half trapped in a lie is a recipe for total disaster, if the lie escapes its cage.

In the spirit of Truth, brought to you by 2 Christs from Tarsus carrying 7 candles. Thank you, book The Jesus Mysteries. Read this book. The question that book raised was, what was, exactly, the sacred secret which no one may utter? The answer, shown to me by the Holy Spirit of Truth, is the puppethood principle. I was instructed in this answer, that the item revealed at the peak of the Eleusinian mysteries was a marionette, during the Unified Theory rock music performance at the Gorge ampitheater Saturday, Sep 16, 2000, opening for (and playing with) the group Live and the headlining group Counting Crows.

Historically, the deadly progression of myths is the following:

1. Osiris-Dionysus -- myth as myth
2. Gnostic/original Christianity - myth as myth, with story cleverly claiming (as story) to decribe an actual man
3. Later, literalist Christianity - myth taken as reality, assert that the fictional man actually is real

Mode 2 is too dangerously subtle - we learned that lesson through 1600 years of disaster. To even start to literalize the Osiris-Dionysus myth can be devastating, when people really start believing and explicitly promoting the lie of ego as the truth. It is the *least* we can do to hasten to very publically and very openly correct their error concerning moral responsible agency. We absolutely must show these children experientially and teach them intellectually that the ego is naught but a conventional lie, a legal fiction. In heaven, do children believe in the lie of ego? Certainly not! Neither should the children be taught the lie of ego in a society governed by truth and wisdom. Keeping a class of the unitiated mixed into our society of truth and wisdom is unwise to the ultimate, devastating extreme, we have found!

The cross is too subtle and mysterious of a symbol. It means the entheogenic experience of perceiving the bodymind/will as frozen in, suspended in, and produced by, the spacetime ground of being. The death of the sovereign and the rebirth as Christ represent mystic ego death and rebirth. We now know this to be an insufficiently clear symbol. The marionette is a far better symbol than the cross, to express the once-secret principle of our puppethood and the impossibility of free responsible moral agency.

Comparing the death of Jesus to Socrates, we can then discover this story:

This is the blasphemy which Jesus uttered in the Jesus myth, the crime for which he was condemned to death: he publically uttered what was only legally permitted to be spoken in the holy of holies in the innermost sanctum of the temple. He publically taught that each of us is the direct product of God, not of one's own egoic will. There is only one ruler, God, who creates our every movement of will. We are all helpless puppets and not responsble moral agents. Sin, morality, and conscience are an artificial social fabrication, a lie upon which society is founded. There is no free egoic sovereign agent for whom a heavenly reward or hellish punishment could be relevant. It is surely an unjust and irrelevant proposition to punish or reward a helpless puppet, which is our true nature.

Home (ego death and self-control cybernetics)

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