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Transformer 112 amp. Analog-based modelling amp.

"Models and simulates characteristics of well-known amps. Transforms the analog preamp and power amp by using different circuitry to achieve each classic tone that today’s musician desires. Sounds and feels like any amp you would ever want, but is as easy to operate as that old "tube-burner" you already have."

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>I was checking out your website - pretty cool! I've got it bookmarked. I'm one of the designers of the Peavey Transformer, and I put an "unofficial" web page up on my ISP server. If you'd like to provide a link to it on http://www.amptone.com/peaveytransformer.htm, here's the URL:

Unofficial Peavey Transformer Web Page by a designer of the Peavey Transformer. Lists the models emulated.

Peavey Transformer Series.

Peavey amp products page.


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