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June 29, 2003

Cleaned up home page and main theory links.

April 12, 2002

The discussion area is working out perfectly for me.  Zero overhead, unlike uploading web pages, and I can post from any Web terminal.

What is the minimum to do to say I've "published"?  Must be organized, clearly hammer the 3 main ideas: timeless block-universe determinism, mythic-only Christ, and entheogen eucharist.

June 12, 1999

The "Chapters" currently are just good outlines and listings of important key-phrases (very much worth studying and reflecting upon). After I finalize the overall outline, I will convert the key phrases into paragraphs; the intro and chapter files will each become a 5-10 page article. The Supplemental section and Notes files have a lot of text, fairly well organized with hierarchical headings.

This online book, though under construction, is the leading edge on these topics.

Any feedback you have at this point would be helpful. The Theory is essentially finished and can be elicited from the notes and framework; I just need to finalize the outline and write about five short, fresh articles. It takes a lot of work to boil down this material into a few articles. I still am finishing interpreting morality as a control system (or a system of command and control).

I expect to make rapid progress using Word's outliner and moving toward the article/page model of hypertext, with just a few files.

Home (ego death and self-control cybernetics)