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The Virtual Ego


Virtual ego
Ego death
Moral control system
Levels of control
Reconciling levels of control

Virtual ego

1st-order creator of acts of will
Accustomed personality structures
Accustomed sense of personal existence
Agency-responsibility convention
Agent animation
Autonomous agency
Autonomous self-steering entity
Autonomous sovereign ego-agent
Autonomous will
Autonomous, controlling entity who wields power while moving through time
Conditioned sense of responsible agency
Continuant ego-agent
Control agent
Counterfeit egoic-sovereign
Creator of his own will
Cross-time continuant self
Cross-time ego entity
Cross-time self-image (ego icon)
Cybernetic subject
Daemon illusion
Daemonic ego architecture
Degrees of existence
Delusion ballast
Delusion of sovereign agency
Ego agency
Ego power
Ego-entity wielding power
Ego-image projection
Egoic agency
Egoic will
Egoic-authorship fiction
Embedded virtual agency
Epiphenomenal ego-entity
False power center
False sovereign
Feeling of personal existence
Free entity
Freedom-delusion conspiracy
Freely willing individual agent
Global virtual self-government
Government illusion
Holistic cross-time ego projection
Illusory aspect
Illusory nature of ego power
Inner controller
Inner homunculic ego agent
Inner homunculus who lives inside the head
Interegoic control field
Internal will-origin projection
King ego
Long-term cross-time self
Long-term self-image
Mental icon
Miraculous delusion
Moment-to-moment projection of the ongoing cross-time continuant self
Nonduality of control-agent and world
Nonduality of self and world
Personal control agency
Personal power
Personal sovereignty
Personal thought-origination power
Power-wielding agent
Primary authorship
Projected ego-image
Projected self-image
Qualified existence of ego
Rulership illusion
Seemingly autonomous will
Self-willing creatures
Sense of being a self-governing entity
Sense of metaphysical free agency
Sense of personal solidity
Sense of volition
Sense of volitional control
Short-term selves
Sovereign agent
Sovereign control-agent
Sovereign life/power
Sovereign mode
Sovereign personal agency
Sovereign self-determination
Sovereign will
Steersmanship illusion
The choosing agent
The freedom effect
The mentally projected self-representation
The personal-authorship fiction
Time-extended self
Time-extended will
Time-travelling continuant agent
Time-travelling ego agent
Time-voyaging continuant
Trail of self
Virtual agent
Virtual autonomy
Virtual ego
Virtual ego entity
Virtual ego system
Virtual homunculus
Virtual power
Virtual sovereign
Virtual-ego projection

Ego death

Cross-time fragmentation or dis-integration of the controller entity
Dangerous equinanimity
Dead helmsman
Dead kingship
Destructive dissolution of delusion
Divine seizure of will
Doll cognition
Doll consciousness
Ecstatic surrender
Ego crash-and-reboot
Ego death
Ego transcendence
Egoless puppet of the universal process
Failure of the feeling of autonomy
Heroic dose of humility
Heroic puppet
Holy deja-vu religious seizure
Human toy of the ground
Joyful terror
Meta-will problem
Nondestructive ego death
Self detachment
Self-annhilation of ego
Self-deconstruction of the virtual ego
Self-violation of one's will
Self-violation of will
Sovereign-slave mode
The ego-death singularity vortex
Toy cognition
Transcendence of the personal motivation/control system
Transcendent self-violation ability
Transgression of personal will
Understanding of cybernetic truth
Virtual death
Will overdrive
Will-origination death

Moral control system

Accustomed moral restrictions
Accustomed moral rules
Delusion of moral agency
Demonic nonresponsibility
Disproof of moral agency
Egoic moral thinking
Eventual transcendence of personal responsibility
Freedom/guilt loading
Genuine moral agent
Guilt puppet
Holy lie of morality
Kingdom of cybernetic truth
Legitimate moral agents
Lie of moral agency
Love the lie of moral agency
Meta-ethical sacrifice
Metaphysical sinlessness and metaphysical nonresponsibility
Miracle of a legitimate code of conduct
Moral agency
Moral agent
Moral agenthood
Moral autonomy
Moral control-agents
Moral culpability
Moral outlaw
Moral prop
Moral puppethood
Moral reward sorting
Moral transcendence
Morality abandonment
Morality transcendence
Morality transgression
Overloaded moral culpability
Personal guidance principles
Personal guidance system
Personal injunction guidance system
Religion of moral agency transcendence
Responsible moral agency
Sacred lie of moral agency
Sovereign moral agency
Substitute sacrifice for realization of the truth about morality
The justice fiction
The kingdom-requirement of transcending morality
The necessity of honoring moral thinking for entering the kingdom
The noble liar and revealer
The noble required lie of moral agency
Trans-ethical sacrifice
Transcendence of personal responsibility
Transcendent moral thinking
Transcendent slave consciousness and egoic freedom consciousness
Transgression of moral superego control
Violation of personal will
Virtual moral agency
Virtual moral culpability
Virtual sins
Virtually free moral agents

Levels of control

1st-order control
1st-order willer
2nd-order control
2nd-order willer
Conscious dependence on higher-level control
Control dissemination
Controller outside the system
Dissemination of sovereign life/power
Divine command
Divine puppet
Downlevel power transferral
Ego induction
Emergent virtual freedom
Forceful rapture of will
Heroic-mode thinking
Hierarchy of control
Higher-author signature
Higher-level control raping
Higher-level invasive control
Indirect author
Indirect full responsibility
Indirect responsibility
Inheritance of power
Metaphysical servitude and dependency
Origin of responsibility
Personhood loading
Primary control
Puppet sovereign
Robotic nonresponsibility
Secondary authorship
Secondary control
Secondary control power
Secondary controller
Secondary power
Secondary will-origination
Secondhand volition
Simultaneous creation
The ego-sovereignty effect
Virtual power-transferral
Virtual transference of sovereign will
Virtual transference of sovereignty
Will puppet

Reconciling levels of control

Accepting on faith that the other level of rulership accepts this level of rulership
Conflict of powers
Cross-level acceptance of cybernetic power
Divine sacrifice
Divine sacrifice of egoic will
Gesture of cancellation of one's power
Permitted to live
Religious controllership exchange
Religious power-exchange
Ritual self-violation of will
Sacrifice of personal will/power to secure truth
Sacrifice of primacy for truth
Sacrifice of prime-mover delusion to gain truth
Sacrifice of self-guidance
Sacrifice of truth to buy virtual agency
Sacrificial self-violation
Sacrificial transgression
Sacrificial transgression of the egoic will
Sacrificial violation of self-will
Sacrificial will-transfer
Sacrificial will-transgression
Salvation from the maelstrom of self-destruction
Stabilizing anchor
Substitute sacrifice for moral realization
Symbolic sacrifice drama
Test-free trust of cross-level acceptance of cybernetic power
The holy spirit of cybernetic truth
The principle of non-necessity of proving acceptance of other-level rulership
Transgressive demonstration
Transgressive proof
Trusting subservience
Virtual sacrifice

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